migraine-checked-appMigraineChecked Supports Stopain Migraine’s Efforts in the Battle Against Migraine Pain for 37 Million Americans

In an effort to assist migraine sufferers with new ways to prevent or diminish their suffering, MigraineChecked and Stopain® Migraine have joined forces to help deliver preventative information and fast-acting relief for migraine sufferers, respectively. MigraineChecked is a unique, free mobile app that scans food bar codes to help detect and avoid common migraine trigger foods, and Stopain Migraine  is a topical migraine pain relieving gel, available now at Walmart, Rite Aid, HEB store and, that provides safe, fast and effective migraine pain relief without pills, known side effects or the risk of drug interaction.

“Many migraines are triggered by specific ingredients in foods and beverages, from tannins to artificial sweeteners, and our app helps raise awareness of these hidden ingredients so migraine sufferers can make more informed choices simply by scanning bar codes on grocery packaging,” says Kris Finstad, CEO of ContentChecked Holdings, the developer of the MigraineChecked app and other food-related health apps.  “This partnership with Stopain Migraine was ideal because, as a migraine sufferer myself, I know that I’ve personally grown tired of oral medications and the side effects, so having an effective, topical pain relieving gel gives me and other migraine sufferers a new option.”

Stopain Migraine, applied topically as a measured dose on the back of the neck and behind each ear (an area where many migraines are believed to originate), provides fast, effective relief and can be applied up to four times daily.  Because Stopain Migraine is topical and does not include aspirin, caffeine or acetaminophen, it can be used alone or in conjunction with other medications since there are no known drug interactions.

“With Stopain Migraine, consumers can experience fast relief of migraine pain, without the risk of significant side effects,” says Anthony Cicini, vice president of Troy Healthcare, maker of Stopain Migraine and other pain-relieving over-the-counter products. “Stopain Migraine is formulated with Menthol, Belladonna, Iris Versicolor and Sanguinaria Canadensis, for a more natural approach to migraine pain relief.”

The MigraineChecked app has migraine trigger data for more than 250,000 packaged foods, and it allows individuals to set up profiles and favorites for not just themselves, but other family members who may also experience migraines.